Junior Herdsires

Powder Keg El Peruvian Don Julio

ARI #: 1082272
DOB: 092503

Peruvian Powder: ARI# 800332
Cadenza: ARI# 808978

Powder Keg
Powder Keg El
Peruvian Don Julio

(detail picture)
A son of Powder and Grand-son of Don Julio, Powder Keg (aka Curly) is Dark Fawn. He is 1/2 Rural Mucasani Alianza , 3/4 Peruvian and 1/4 Chilian. This selective breeding of Alianza, Peruvian and Chilean is an exciting blending of the best of all three. Curly is exhibiting the fineness of the Rural Mucasani Alianza Line, the density and crimp of the Peruvian and the low micron of the Chileans.

Curly started his show career with a 4th place at the 2004 AOBA National Show! A pretty good start for a youngster! He has continued his show career with the North American International Livestock Exhibition in Louisville, KY and took a ribbon in a tough class, and will continue his show career at the Kentucky Classic in Louisville, KY in 2005.

We are watching this little guy very closely for progress toward “herdsireship”! =)

Mister Moses El Peruvian Powder,
ARI #: 1082265 (Power 800332 x Rosie 808977)
Color: WH
DOB: 091903

Mister Moses
Mister Moses El
Peruvian Powder

(detail picture)
Mo made his debut into the show circuit at the 2004 AOBA National Conference and took 6th place. He was in a white class against the biggest farms in the United States, well, we think you’ll agree this is pretty darn good for our farm and us small breeders! =)

Mo has a nice hind end and ample testicles for his age. It is easy to forget to look at the back end of alpacas sometimes, but in males, if they are too narrow the male will sometimes have a more difficult time breeding females. So, we look at the hind ends of all males! Mo has a nice one!

Testicle size is also important. As Dr. Pugh always puts it, “the bigger the factory the more workers!” Mo is ample for his age and we anticipate that he is going to have a larger than normal factory! =)

He is conformationally correct and has abundant coverage. His fiber is dense and uniform in its crimp and character. He is carrying the fineness and handle of his daddy albeit is also carrying some of the stronger fibers of his mom.

1/2 Rural Mucasani Alianza, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean. This is a very strong combination of cross breeding!

There is no line-breeding or in-breeding at Crossroads Alpaca Farm, LLC! We breed for the continued health and genetically diverse alpaca! =)

Mr. French ElPeruvian Powder-Alianza,
ARI # 1141511 (Powder 800332 x Amberina 817291)
Color: WH
DOB: 042004

Mr. French
Mr. French ElPeruvian

(detail picture)
Frenchie has exhibited presence since the day he was born and is terrorizing the females with no remorse and no regrets (even when he ends up green!). He is also THE most personable alpaca we have ever encountered!!!!

Here’s what happened when Frenchie was seven weeks old and he was watching Streak breed a female in the next pen. Princess was ready and she didn’t care if Frenchie was still too little. Frenchie didn’t care if he was too little! He got on that’s all that mattered to the little guy!
“Yes, says Princess, I’m ready Frenchie, now turn around Honey”. “Hey Streak, says Frenchie, “Umm, give me some pointers here, is this how you started?” “I don’t seem to fit as good as you do, are you too long or am I too short?” Frenchie asks.
We love every cria that is born on our farm, and after we got over the initial WOW that’s the BEST CRIA EVER BORN IN THE WORLD syndrome and started to take a practical business and critical breeding look at the crias born on our farm, there are some that truly do exhibit that “herdsire wanna be quality”. We’re watching Frenchie real close.

Frenchie took 2nd place at his debut in the showring at the 2004 North American International Livestock Exhibition!