CFLA Honeysuckle Rose (Peruvian Francisco x JLA Channel) ARI # 808977
Fiber: Fine .. Dense/Dense .. Even tight crimp.
Color: Lt. Fawn (solid color)
Ribbons: Took 4th in Fleece at the 2001 North American Livestock Show in Louisville, KY. If I had known how to prepare a fleece for show, she may be done better....=)
Disposition: Rosie is a sweetheart. Easy to handle and an extraordinary Mom.
Teats: 4, with ample milk. In fact Rosie (as we lovingly call her) had milk like a cow. She gave birth to King Arthur Eugene (her first cria), and he is a Ribbon Winner already for his conformation and his fleece!

CFLA Cadenza (Peruvian Francisco x Fermata) ARI # 808978
Cadenze and Rocky
Cadenze and Rocky
(detail picture)
Fiber: Fine .. Dense/Dense .. Even tight crimp, although not quite as pronounced as her 1/2 sister Rosie, it is there and uniform.
Color: Medium Fawn (solid color)
Ribbons: Her Dad and Brother are multiple ribbon winners for their fleece and we expect Candenza will be too.
Disposition: Cadenza is a sweetheart too. Easy to handle and a very attentive first time Mom.
Teats: 4, with ample milk.
Bred: Bred to Powder for Fall 2005 Cria

Tiffany in Taupe,
ARI #: 843569
Color: MF
DOB: 093002

(Powder 800332 x Cocoa 826568)
Tiffany In Taupe
Tiffany In Taupe
(detail picture)
Everybody LOVES Taupey! She is one of the sweetest gals that we have on our farm.

She has impressive show ring winnings, including ribbons in halter at 2003 AOBA National Conference and in composite at 2004 AOBA National Conference! She has taken a ribbon at EACH show in which she’s been entered!

Her show career is now ended as we have bred her this fall for a 2005 fall cria. Taupey is ½ Full Rural Alianza and we’ve chosen a herdsire who is also ½ Alianza, so her cria is expected to be outstanding.

TRV Pebbles (The Silversmith HST G452 x Lana Lang) ARI # 157477
(detail picture)
Fiber: Fine .. Adequate density .. Could be more crimp/definition.
Color: TRUE TRUE BLACK !!!! Pebbles is so black that in the sunlight she shines blue!
Ribbons: Pebbles has not ever been in the ring as far as we know; a pity as far as we are concerned!
Disposition: Somewhat high strung. She was not ever halter trained and although she will allow a halter, she will lead reluctantly. Recommended to breeders with at least a year of experience under their belt.
Teats: 4 and abundant milk! Pebbles adores her cria and is an attentive Mom. Sainte Pierre (not Pebbles fault that he is going to be Pet Quality ... it was his Dad ...) is the spitting image (we have been told by those that actually saw and know The Silversmith) of his Grand Father ... The Silversmith !!!
Bred: Streak. Due Spring 2005 Cria

TKA Amberina (Peruvian Orlande G4525 x TRV Pebbles), ARI # 817291
Fiber: Fine .. Dense/Dense .. Good crimp/definition
Color: Medium Fawn/Lt. Fawn/White (solid blanket is medium fawn)
Ribbons: None of which we are aware. The two offspring that we have seen certainly were show ring material.
Disposition: Good disposition, until you try and put on a halter. She will promptly kush and will not lead. We are able to handle her, halter and give shots and trim toe nails with no problems, she just won’t lead. Clicker training is defiantly an option here!!!!! She had little human contact and is MUCH better since she has been to our farm over the past year... smile!
Teats: 4 and abundant milk! Amberina is a wonderful attentive Mom and has a milk supply like Rosie ... like a cow!
Bred: To Sammy. Due Spring 2005

TKA Cocoa Puff (Peruvian Orlande G4525 x Carina II) ARI # 826568
Fiber: Fine/Fine .. Dense .. Good definition.
Color: Dark Brown
Ribbons: None of which we are aware. Cocoas first cria is show ring material!
Disposition: Pretty good. Pebbles, Amberina and Cocoa came from the same farm. Little handling. Cocoa will halter and will lead.
Teats: 4 and abundant milk! Cocoa is a GREAT Mom and very attentive to her cria!
Bred: To Powder for a Spring 2005 Cria

(detail picture)
Alta Luna's Gwenevere (Peruvian Andrajo G179 x Thorny), ARI # 802108
Fiber: Somewhat Fine .. Dense/Dense/Dense .. Good lock structure and crimp.
Color: Medium Fawn / White (blanket is solid Medium Fawn)
Ribbons: She took a ribbon in Costume, and in fact you can see her picture on the AOBA Show Division’s Home Page !!!! She is dressed like the Gwennie damsel that she is!!! We are going to put her son Samson in the ring....he’s a show stopper....everyone says, “Look at the fleece on THAT ONE!!!
Disposition: Gwennie is a sweetheart. She went through 4H and was handled a lot by humans. She is a joy with which to work.
Teats: 4 and abundant milk! Although Gwennie is attentive, she also gives her cria room to be independent.