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Hi Friend,

Pat and Connie Alexander here! We are so happy you have chosen to visit our website.

I (Pat) have a background in Manufacturing Engineering and last September accepted Tecumseh Products' offer for an early full retirement (Connie is so jealous she can hardly see

I (Connie) am a Professional Administrator and currently hold a full-time day job. A real "city-gal" that has fallen madly in love with camelids and the "farm life"..... (my friends are still in shock over this "farm life" style that has so easily become part of my life too).

We live on 120 acres of rolling hills/pasture with about 20+ acres in woodland. Pat "puts up" about 250 soft-core large round bales of orchard grass hay each year and sells most of it to our neighbors for their cattle and horses. We keep about 10 bales for our alpacas and guard llamas (they just don't require much food). I'll give you an example, we have 20 alpacas and 5 guard llamas and they eat about one round bale every 2 months. Neighbor Chuck, across the road has six horses and just added 6 long horned steer, and he goes through 3 round bales a week (that's right - a week!)

Our herd has grown by leaps (or should we say "prongs") and bounds and we continue to celebrate our anniversary of owning alpacas and llamas since we bought our first on September 17, 2000!